Real-Life Batman Collars Criminal In The UK

There's a meme popular on the internet that declares, "The most important thing in life is to be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman." Well, one man took these words of comic nerd wisdom to heart and did some good for his community.

THR says the man seen above in full Batman attire went above and beyond his public duty when he dragged a crook into the local police station in Bradford, England, on the night of February 25th. The vile fiend in the tracksuit was charged with fraud and handling stolen goods. But before police could question his masked captor, Batman had vanished into the night. Which makes sense. That's kind of his thing.

You might remember that even in Christopher Nolan's re-imagined world of Batman, there were imitators inspired by the caped crusader. In The Dark Knight, a band of Batman wannabes attempt to help the titular antihero in his quest to clean up Gotham, but ultimately get in the way. My guess is this real-life Batman doesn't care much for those movies, considering he clearly favors the old-school Adam West look, or alternately the Batman look from the animated series.

While his identity is currently unknown, Kathryn Sutcliffe, a costume store clerk in Bradford, believes she was the one who sold him the pictured hero uniform. She remembered him because he decided against the more popular Batman suits modeled after Nolan's Batman. He specifically wanted the grey and black one, complete with "muscly chest."

But worry not Batman, Sutcliffe is keeping your secret identity secret. While she offered that this masked man is in twenties, tall and blond, she refused to hand over the credit card information to identify him. For now, as the Yorkshire police force admits, his identity "remains unknown."

Photo courtesy of the West Yorkshire Police.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.