Red-Band Kick-Ass Trailer Shows Off Hit Girl's Moves

When selected scenes from Kick-Ass blew everyones minds at Comic Con, a huge part of the appeal was Hit Girl, the 11-year-old assassin played by Chloe Moretz. She shoots guns and does somersaults and kicks as well as any imaginable superhero-- and she happens to be in middle school as well.

Most of the marketing for Kick-Ass, which comes out next spring, has focused on green-band stuff, and that's understandable-- they need as wide an audience as possible. But this hard-R movie deserves to be able to show off its true goods, and that's exactly what you get in the new red-band trailer, which shows off Hit Girl's way with a gun and a swear word to boot. If you haven't seen any of the red band footage so far, it's the only way your can truly understand the wonder that Kick-Ass has in store. Check it out:

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend