As much as I like a good pot comedy, what really gets me excited for the upcoming movie HIGH School is the fact that Adrian Brody, an Academy Award winner, plays a balls-to-the-wall insane drug dealer named Psycho Ed. We got our first official look at the character a couple weeks ago when the green band trailer arrived online, and Brody's performance looks totally unhinged and hilarious. But you can't really get the sense of a good R-rated comedy or character from a green band trailer. For that you need a preview that isn't afraid of swear words, drug use and a bit of nudity. So let's welcome the brand new red band trailer with open arms, shall we?

Hulu has posted the restricted preview for the John Stalberg-directed movie which you can watch below. It should be noted that most of the footage is recycled from the previous trailer, but there is just enough new to make it worth your time. Check it out below!

HIGH School stars Matt Bush as Henry Burke, a young man with an incredibly bright future ahead of him. After spending his entire life with his nose in his studies and keeping out of trouble, he's been accepted to MIT and has his entire future ahead of him. But when his stoner friend Travis (Sean Marquette) convinces Henry to try pot for the first time, everything starts spinning out of control. His school principal (Michael Chiklis) begins to order mandatory drug test and says that anyone who tests positive will be kicked out of school. With no other options available, Henry and Travis team up to do the only thing they can: make sure that the entire school tests positive. The comedy also stars also stars Colin Hanks, Adhir Kalyan, Mykelti Williamson and, as mentioned, Adrian Brody. Look for it when it heads to theaters on June 1st.

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