Red Skull Fan Fulfills Lifelong Dream To Look Like The Captain America Character

There are many different depths in the waters of fandom - and there are some people who are very into the fictional characters or worlds they latch onto. In the case of Captain America super fan, Henry Damon, however, he's been going about honoring his favorite character a very different and drastic way. For you see, Mr. Damon is slowly becoming Red Skull. No, that's not a joke, and we have the pictures to prove it. We must warn you, this is going to look just a little bit freaky.

Henry Damon Red Skull

The Daily Mail has posted a series of images showing the 37-year-old Venezuelan man who's taken his love of the Marvel villain from the Captain America franchise to a new level of dedication. After physical and psychological exams, and a lot of planning, Henry Damon began to embark on a transformational journey that has included, and will require, tattoos and sub-dermal implants. Most eerily, Damon has gone the full nine by having his nose modified. And by modified, we mean the tip's been cut off to expose more nostril.

For comparison, here's what Hugo Weaving looked like as Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger - albeit thanks to the magic of CGI and makeup, as opposed to horrific surgery:

Captain America Red Skull

Henry Damon's change has apparently been a long time coming, as his friends will evidently quickly tell you that he's been dreaming of becoming Red Skull ever since his childhood. It does seem weird that this married father would want to take on such a menacing look, but as long as he's passed the mental and physical examinations, it shouldn't be that distressing of a transformation. That is, unless he's lying on his mental examination, and really harbors the desire to become a super powered baddie.

If that's the case, then there has to be a Captain America fan out there that's ready to soak themselves in some VitaRays in order to thwart Mr. Damon's would-be machinations for world domination. Though judging by how well he's fit into the actual role of Cap himself, it could said that we already have a real life Captain America, and his name is Chris Evans. The moral of the story: if you want to become your favorite comic character, you have one of two options – start hitting the gym and become incredibly ripped, or meet a really good plastic surgeon,and make the transformation in a more unconventional fashion.

While it's an interesting story we're reporting on, we can't help but wonder what life will be like for Henry Damon after his transformation into one of the greatest personifications of evil in pop culture. Regardless of such thoughts, we wish him the best of luck with his ultimate transformation, and we look forward to seeing the intriguing results of his transition from man to (comic) menace. Oh, and a small message to the Russo Brothers: this is the guy you want at the Captain America: Civil War premiere if a certain baddie should reappear in the film.

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