Relive Godzilla's Epic Final Battle With Full Sequence Now Online

Update: The copyright holder removed the video. If it gets reposted, we will add in the new link.

After teasing the conflict of Godzilla and the MUTOs for most of Gareth Edwards' Godzilla movie, the finale hit hard and spectacularly in the heart of San Francisco. Now you can revel in the blow-by-blow action, as Warner Bros has released the full sequence online ahead of its DVD release.

Looking to make American audiences forget the massive misstep that was Roland Emmerich's 1998 Godzilla, WB invested in Gareth Edwards, the helmer behind the inventive and low-budget sci-fi thriller Monsters. Edwards dug deep into the Godzilla mythos to create an epic monster movie that's scale was suitable to the world's best-known beast.

With the sour taint of 98's Godzilla still lingering, I held a healthy suspicion about this new take on the classic Japanese monster. But fat-shaming be damned, I totally adored Gareth Edwards' Godzilla. In my five-star review, I called it," everything you want out of a summer movie. It's got a world and story so big that it demands to be seen on the biggest screen. It is anchored by performers who treat the narrative and genre with incredible respect. It has some of the best visual effects we're likely to see this year, and it is electrifyingly thrilling."

I stand by that. And even though Godzilla loses some of its breathtaking spectacle in the teeny scale of an online clip, watching this final fight scene has me freshly thrilled about this killer monster movie. Edwards avoided the standard wide shot of monster vs. monster than calls to mind the clunky old costumes of the Japanese series. Instead, he embeds us again and again with the helpless humans forced to look up in awe of these creatures who tower over us, carelessly crushing our cities, and trampling skyscrapers as they mate and nest. It was a smart method that kept the sheer size of Godzilla and the MUTOS always in focus, and always frightening.

And then there's this part:

Godzilla 2014

Godzilla will hit DVD and Blu-ray on September 16th, but you can pre-order now on Amazon. And good news for fans of the movie's stupendous 3D: A 3D disc will be available. With the Blu-ray edition promising three discs, we expect loads of special features, perhaps including a more in-depth look at how Edwards and his team made post-converted 3D something a movie no longer need to be ashamed of.

Will you order Godzilla when it reaches DVD? Are you excited for hte eventual Godzilla 2? Weigh in below.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.