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A couple weeks ago, we got our very first look at Peter Berg’s Battleship, a trailer which boasted aliens, a "game board" shot, and weaponry that, you guessed it, looked like pegs from the classic HASBRO board game. After all this, if you didn’t facepalm yourself into a concussion you’re a far more tolerant man than I.

Unfortunately, the trailer proved that this movie is definitely happening and if you still weren’t convinced you weren’t in some sort of fever dream then this new image released from the film will clear your mind. Absent from the trailer was any footage of pop mega-star Rihanna, but we get the chance to see her here wielding (read: standing near) a boat-mounted minigun looking confused. Scope it our below courtesy of Rhianna Daily.

Sure, it’s nice to see Rihanna's spreading her wings and out celebrity-ing professional douchebag Chris Brown, but the fact that she’s in this movie doesn’t elevate it any higher than Liam Neeson has. Once this movie spends its (probably short) life at the box office, expect to see it exactly where you’ll find old versions of the game--on the bottom shelf behind other stuff that is better than it.

This will be Rihanna's first outing as an actress so expect to see her creep her way in to films even if this movie does belly flop into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Where do you stand on Battleship? Am I justly bitter, or am I being a film curmudgeon? Sound off in the comments below.