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There are few things the Internet loves more than a fake trailer. Earlier this week, Batkid got his own Nolan-esque teaser, and now, some genius out there has created one for Toronto mayor Rob Ford that stars, you guessed it, Chris Farley. The deceased comedian’s entire career was like one long out-of-control fat guy montage (in the best way possible), and as such, there’s more than enough material to cover the politician’s rise to power and his current problems.

Ford has spent most of his political career polarizing the electorate. Thanks to a no-nonsense legislative agenda that often involves slashing spending and a willingness to say whatever the hell pops into his head, he’s been a huge hit with a segment of voters who felt disenchanted by years of Canadian liberalism and squeamishness. Thanks to the exact same reasons, however, he’s also been a huge pain in the ass to an entirely different segment of voters, who prefer aggressive taxes and the 21st Century ideas about making everyone feel included.

For most of the mayor’s first few years in office, the good and the bad more or less balanced each other out, but thanks to a recent run of truly horrendous behavior that has involved smoking crack, swearing at press conferences and generally behaving like a mad man, the pendulum has very much swung in one direction.

Over the past few weeks, Ford has been a frequent target of late night shows and more than a few observers have looked at his face and come to the same exact conclusion: too bad Chris Farley isn’t still alive today. Even the big man’s brother has noticed what a dead ringer the men are.

Farley was one of the most talented comedians ever to star on Saturday Night Live. He wasn’t the best at impressions or the most skilled pop culture critic, but he was able to own an entire room like few others. When he was on his game, it was impossible to look at anyone else. In short, he had a way of owning every sketch he was in, and his Ford would have been must watch television, or in this case, a must watch movie.

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