Robert Downey Jr. Dresses As A Very Ugly Woman On The Sherlock Holmes 2 Set

Despite having a release date battle with the powerhouse known as Avatar, it's actually fairly amazing how well Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes performed. With a budget of $90 million, the film had high potential to be a total flop, but instead managed to wrangle $524 million worldwide, more than enough to justify a sequel. Already set for a December 16 release date, we've already seen a couple of stills from the film, but now the first footage has found its way online.

Entertainment Tonight recently got access to the set of the sequel's production which means that they are showing off never before seen footage tied in with remarkably dumb comments about Robert Downey Jr. taking his shirt off and questions about how the actors stay in shape. Ignoring the commentary, however, you do get to witness Downey Jr. dressed up as a very ugly woman, see Noomi Rapace in her first English speaking role, and watch Ritchie laugh at his two stars from the shadows.

Check out the video below.

Eric Eisenberg
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