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Wouldn't it be amazing to cozy up on a mat with a bunch of other people and watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Tony Stark, himself, Robert Downey Jr.? The actor decided to spend his birthday "recognizing the cosmic miracle of Captain America 2 opening the same day" as his birthday by wrangling up twenty kids and watching the movie with them. Because he's awesome. And here's the photographic evidence, along with Downey in a pose that suggests he might be aware of said awesomeness...

I like to imagine Tony Stark built that party in a cave with a bunch of scraps. But judging by the mirrors and mats, I'm guessing it's some kind of fitness space. Still, everyone looks comfy and ready to party.

And here's Downey's announcement of his plans to host the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie screening/birthday party:

Talk about an incredible experience. Those lucky kids!

Robert Downey Jr. and his birthday party invitees weren't the only people seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend. The Cap followup took in $96 million at the weekend box office domestically. Added to the international gross and Captain America 2's haul has already surpassed $300 million.

And if you've been hanging around Cinema Blend lately, you may have noticed that we can't stop talking about the movie. Earlier today, Eric shared a list that breaks down the crucial ways Captain America: The Winter Soldier will affect the Marvel universe. Check that out here (CONTAINS SPOILERS). Want more? Find out why Hawkeye wasn't in the movie here. And get our breakdown of the end-credits scene here.

Sean focused this week's Monday Movie Memo video on Winter Soldier conversation. Check that out below:

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