Robert Redford, Diane Keaton Spread Holiday Cheer In The Most Wonderful Time

Ideally Robert Redford would have collaborated on a series of comedies with Diane Keaton back in the 1970s and ‘80s. But since we lack a proper time machine, we’ll have to settle on the Hollywood icons co-starring in The Most Wonderful Time, a holiday comedy that was recently acquired by Relativity Media, according to Deadline.

Redford and Keaton are eyeing this ensemble piece, which would be centered around multiple characters as they prepare for the busy holiday season. Steve Rogers -- whose credits include Stepmom and P.S. I Love You -- penned the screenplay, which will be directed by Jessie Nelson (I Am Sam).

The creative credits of the collaborators have me worried that Time will be maudlin and sappy, but it’s possible we’re going to get a snappy Love, Actually-type project, depending on what direction Rogers’ script chooses and which actors Nelson continues to bring in. The screenwriter actually compares the project to Amelie, with characters clinging to their pasts, which prevents them from living in the proper present.

Truthfully, I’d give Most Wonderful Time a shot just to see if Redford can bring a little Ordinary People to the proceedings, or if Keaton can contribute some of the warmth and humor that once lifted The Family Stone, Father of the Bride or her countless Woody Allen comedies. There’s likely to be more casting news on Wonderful Time as the production moves forward. If Relativity decides to hit theaters during the holidays, we might have to wait until November or December 2013. We’ll report more once we know for sure.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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