If Cinema Blend were a democracy, and I wasn't commanded by Head Honcho Josh Tyler to write about whatever he puts in front of me day after day, I would stage a moratorium on writing pieces about Sin City 2. Every time I've written about some half-baked rumor or vague pull-quote from one of the people involved, I just feel dirty, because that movie is no closer to being made now than it was when Sin City originally came out four goddamn years ago. Seriously, it isn't.

And yet Robert Rodriguez keeps pretending it is, maybe because everyone keeps asking about it and he has to say something. So when IGN asked him if the Blu-ray release of Sin City meant more hope for Sin City , he gave a typically vague affirmative answer: "There's a lot of people who are interested in it. ... We are definitely going to do that one. "
When will they do it? And with who? No telling. But Rodriguez continues to hint at hope for the sequel, even though I kind of think this ship has long since sailed.

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