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As the somewhat sleazy Homicide Detective Stephen Holder on The Killing, actor Joel Kinnaman plays a character who investigates death. For his next feature film role, he’ll be the one witnessing it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kinnaman is close to signing on for the Warner Bros. crime thriller All Nighter, which was formerly titled Run All Night after being titled All Nighter to begin with. He’ll play Liam Neeson’s son in the film, which will be directed by Jaume Collet-Serra from a spec script written by Brad Ingelsby (Out of the Furnace). Beyond his TV work, the Swedish-born Kinnaman was most recently seen in the romantic comedy Lola Versus, as well as the crime drama Safe House with Denzel Washington. His next role will definitely test his leading male capabilities as he takes on the central role of John Murphy in José Padilha’s RoboCop reboot coming out next year.

For All Nighter, Kinnaman will play a chauffeur who witnesses a murder and soon becomes the target of a crime boss. As his father, Neeson will play an aging hitman whose former boss is the one going after his son, and Neeson must fight to protect the son and his family. You’d have thought after the Taken films that people would get it into their heads that you can’t mess with Liam Neeson’s fictional families.

This will be the third film teaming Neeson with Collet-Serra, who together made 2011’s Unknown and the upcoming action-on-a-plane movie Non-Stop, which also stars Michelle Dockery and Julianne Moore.