The Rock Could Play Green Lantern According To Latest Rumor

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Is this the DC Comics character Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was referring to the other day?

Treat this as rumor for the moment, of course, until we can get someone from DC, Warner Bros., or The Rock himself to confirm, but Think McFly Think is going on record to say that Johnson is "up for" John Stewart, aka Green Lantern.

Then the guys at Comic Book Movie dug up this old Tweet from The Rock, making this turn of events even more interesting.

Rock Green Lantern

Now, you’re asking, "The Rock’s going to play the host of The Daily Show?" Not exactly. Stewart was a replacement Green Lantern for Hal Jordan. He was an architect, and a U.S. Marine veteran. He filled in for Jordan when Hal couldn’t wear the ring. He fought along side the Justice League on multiple missions. The character has been featured in numerous Green Lantern stories over the years, and probably needs to be used as a palette cleanser after Hollywood’s last foray into Green Lantern land. Do you remember this?

We’re still trying to forget.

However, if Warner is really trying to build up its DC Cinematic Universe en route to a Justice League movie – which appears to be the blueprint – then getting Green Lantern back into the fold in some form seems like the right decision. And casting The Rock in ANYTHING is always wise. This is a rumor, at this stage of the game. But it’s one that is generating enough heat for us to cover it.

If this story gets confirmed, it could be the boost DC needs to catch up to (and possibly surpass) Marvel. The Rock in a DC superhero franchise? Massive. Until then, we’ll continue to prepare for Zack Snyder’s Batman-Superman team up, which we already know will co-star Wonder Woman, meaning the Justice League slowly is populating its ranks. Could The Rock be next in line?

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