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Many of the attractions at Disney theme parks are designed to transport riders to another time and place. And as rides are now totally acceptable fodder for movie ideas, the subsequent films based on them attempt to do the same thing. The Johnny Depp-fronted Pirates of the Caribbean franchise conveys viewers back to the mid-1700s, and when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tackles Disney’s Jungle Cruise, the production will follow suit. Fans will get to smell what The Rock is cooking in the 1920s.

As he has been known to do in the past, Johnson took to social media to provide his legions of devoted fans with a little bit of insight into his upcoming feature film. He posted this photo to Instagram with a message, but it was the hashtags that provided the most interesting bits. First off, there is #ItsAPeriodMovie, which was followed immediately by #DamnRightIWillStillBeHandsomeInThe1920s. And if you read that last one and immediately thought to yourself, "It sounds like this is set in the 1920s," then you’re not alone.

Jungle Cruise is a project that has been kicked around for a number of years. Back in 2011, Tim Allen and Tom Hanks were rumored to be in line to star, but this time it appears Disney is riding the broad shoulders of the former professional wrestler. And though it is still in the early stages, it does look like there is momentum behind the project this time.

According to Johnson’s message, they are just about to "kick off the writing," and he met with the guys who will be handling those duties: John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. This duo has an interesting history that spreads across a number of genres. They’re the writer/directors of the recent Will Smith con-man drama Focus; they helmed, but did not write, the romantic dramedy Crazy, Stupid, Love; and they wrote both the family action comedy Dogs & Cats and the foul-mouthed holiday favorite Bad Santa.

Told you they were all over the map. Their involvement, however, doesn’t offer much in the way of insight into what kind of movie we’re going to get. However, given the players, that Jungle Cruise is based on a Disney ride, and the fact that Johnson references Pirates of the Caribbean in his Instagram post, we would be willing to bet that we’re in for some big adventure, lots of action, and perhaps a touch of cheeky humor thrown in for good measure.

The Jungle Cruise ride first appeared at Disneyland in 1955, though there is a version in every Disney park around the world. A ride without a lot of narrative to it—riders basically cruise down major rivers from around the globe while animatronic animals hang out on shore—it doesn’t offer many hints about the plot of the film. But dammit, if it has Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, exotic creatures, and adventure, all set in the 1920s, we are totally on board.