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Typecasting can be a terrible thing in Hollywood, with talented actors stuck in endless unchallenging roles because they were good at playing that type of guy once, so why not have to do it again and again? But sometimes there's just some truth behind the typecasting; sometimes an actor is just really good at playing a certain type. So it goes with Michael K. Williams, who was unforgettable as the gangster with a code Omar on The Wire, and whose roles since then have been good, but just lacking that certain… Omar-ness.

The Dwayne Johnson action movie Snitch will probably not feature the same excellent writing and well-drawn characters as The Wire, but it will feature Michael K. Williams as a terrifying drug kingpin-- close enough to Omar to keep us happy. You can check out Williams, plus the Rock in ultimate crusading good-guy mode, in the trailer below.

Sure, the movie looks entirely cobbled together from other Dwayne Johnson movie, with all the fast car-driving and eyebrow furrowing that we've become very familiar with over the years. But hey, a lot of those movies were pretty good! And this one's got Omar in it! Snitch is set to come to theaters on February 22, and kicks off what ought to be a good run for The Rock, who's also starring in G.I. Joe: Retaliation (in theaters March 29) and Michael Bay's Pain & Gain (coming April 26). Yes, that's right-- that's three months in a row with a new Rock movie. Now aren't you glad the world isn't actually ending this year?