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Roger Ebert Schools The Transformers 2 Fans

Roger Ebert was certainly not the only critic to trash Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but he might have been the most influential. So when readers responded to his hilariously negative review, they responded in full-force. And Ebert, never one to keep his opinion to himself, responded right back.

His piece, entitled "I'm a proud Brainiac", is absolutely worth reading in its entirety. In sticking up for brainiacs, intellectuals, the college-educated and, yes, critics, Ebert pretty much sums up the cry of frustration from every critic who sat back helplessly watching Transformers 2 earn untold amounts of money. He's especially hard on the readers who told him he just "didn't get" Michael Bay, summer movies, or the feeling of being a kid. "What disturbs me is when I'm specifically told that I know too much about movies, have "studied" them, go into them "too deep," am always looking for things the average person doesn't care about, am always mentioning things like editing or cinematography, and am forever comparing films to other films."

And he does what most critics are too afraid, or too generous to do: tell people who liked Transformers 2, who think it's a great movie, that they're flat wrong. "Those who think "Transformers" is a great or even a good film are, may I tactfully suggest, not sufficiently evolved. Film by film, I hope they climb a personal ladder into the realm of better films, until their standards improve. Those people contain multitudes. They deserve films that refresh the parts others do not reach. They don't need to spend a lifetime with the water only up to their toes."

Seriously, it's a great piece, even for those who may have found themselves defending Transformers 2. Articles like this are a strong reminder of why Ebert is the living godfather of our business, and why it pays to be as smart and experienced as he is. No one else could hope to school the Transformers defenders with so much class.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend