Rosamund Pike And Nick Nolte To Star In Psychological Thriller Return To Sender

You’d think people in movies would know better than to go out on blind dates nowadays, but they just keep on doing it. Do they ever work out? Comedies use them for wacky character fodder and dramas use them to create tension between strangers. And thrillers, of course, use them to put one of their characters in mortal danger.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rosamund Pike will be playing a small town damsel in distress in that scenario starring in Return to Sender, the upcoming psychological thriller directed by Fouad Mikati (Operation:Endgame). The film will also star Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead) and Nick Nolte (Gangster Squad). The screenplay was written by newcomer Patricia Beauchamp and Joe Gossett, who wrote Ryan Phillippe’s directorial debut Shreveport.

The film follows Pike as a meticulous nurse in a small town who goes on a blind date with a guy (Fernandez) who isn’t exactly who he says he is. She experiences a life-altering event that she spends the rest of the film finding the courage to overcome. Nolte will play her father. I get the feeling this has something to do with rape, but it’s unclear whether this will look more like The Accused or The Brave One. Actually, let’s just get Jodie Foster for this one, too.

Pike was last seen in Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise and has Edgar Wright’s The World’s End and James Oakley’s mystery thriller The Devil You Know on the horizon. Nolte will soon hopefully be starring in the adaptation of A Walk in the Woods with Robert Redford. Fernandez, meanwhile, is currently starring in starring in the recently released Syrup and will soon be seen in Zal Batmanglij’s mystery thriller The East, which opens later this month.

Return to Sender has already begun production in New Orleans.

Nick Venable
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