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Rosario Dawson's Brutal Rape Movie

Rosario Dawson earned the love an adoration of all the world’s geeks by becoming the uber-cool object of Dante’s desire in Clerks II this summer. Now she’s gonna get raped.

Alright that was a brutal way to segue into this, but this is a brutal film. Rosario Dawson has made a movie called Descent about a college student recovering from a brutal date rape. While trying to rebuild her life, she takes a page from Jennifer Lopez’s Enough and decides to take revenge on her attacker in an equally shocking, graphic, and controversial manner. I think you know what that means guys. Time protect the boys and hide the kitchen knives from our wives.

Descent has just been picked up for domestic distribution by City Lights Pictures Releasing, and they don’t care about the rating. They say they’re prepared to release the movie as NC-17. They know it’s a violent film, and feel that it should be. CEO Danny Fisher tells The Hollywood Reporter that he doesn’t want to diminish the power of the material. Good for him. Rape isn’t supposed to be fun.

Though the movie is violent enough to warrant an NC-17, Fisher says it’s not a revenge thriller. It’s a serious movie about a serious issue. They’re not going to market it as an action movie, and instead they’re going to reach out to rape and women’s organizations. I’m starting to like this City Lights Releasing. Social responsibility and respect for artistic integrity from a distributor? This is unheard of.