The summer season is drawing (too quickly) to a close. There’ve been some highlights and definite lowlights. And as we get toward the end, the latter come much more into play. It’s not a totally lost week, but there’s less and less to get excited about in the theaters. We’ve got Hitman Agent 47 and Sinister 2 and American Ultra.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer.

American Ultra
Rotten Watch Prediction
There are a couple of Bourne-like movies on the docket this week. And by that I mean, flicks in which a character realizes (or finds out in some way) they have deeply entrenched espionage and killing-machine skills they didn’t know previously existed. Besides that, the movies are wildly different in tone. I’ll take the laughs of American Ultra almost every time, though. I’d much rather it be a dopey convenience store clerk finding out he can kick ass than your run of the mill action type.

See Jesse Eisenberg find out he’s a killing machine in the trailer for American Ultra below:
A somewhat new take on an older movie theme, the film finds Jesse Eisenberg as a stoner slacker working a dead end job who learns, out of the blue, that he’s actually a super soldier with all the killing skills of Jason Bourne. The idea seems fresh enough, and Eisenberg has the kind of "out there" aesthetic to pull off the comedic beats. I’m not positive how the flick will hold up over a ninety minute half action/ half comedy run time, but it for sure will have its moments.

There are enough players in this flick to suspect it has at least a modicum of critical success. Kristen Stewart is an actress who has chops when the material’s right (think everything but Twilight). Plus folks like Tony Hale, Topher Grace, Connie Britton and Bill Pullman being involved means you’ve got a very strong cast. The idea of a guy like Eisenberg being a trained killer seems like just enough to hold it together from a laughs perspective and it doesn’t look like they’ve skimped on some of the action sequences (even for a clear satire).

Director Nima Nourizadeh only has the disappointing Project X (28%) to his name, though one movie does not a career make (both good or bad). Meanwhile, Max Landis penned the script and does have a win on his resume with Chronicle (85%). I think, overall, the slacker culture, spy game mash up plays with the right kind of crowd (though not everyone) and lands in the middle of the road with critics.

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