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If there’s one name that is ubiquitous with the film industry, that name is Spielberg. No one is as recognizable as him or his movies, but there maybe something about him that’s been keeping secret for a long time. Maybe even centuries!

Peter Morgan, screenwriter for Eastwood’s latest Oscar bait Hereafter, recent sat down with Deadline to discuss the film and upcoming projects, but he experienced something strange during one meeting in particular. Upon meeting with Steven Spielberg, before the legendary director entered the boardroom in the middle of the afternoon, an assistant came through and closed the drapes covering the massive window facing the sunny day and said:
Mr. Spielberg is taken to have his meetings in the dark

Suspicious to say the least.

Morgan quickly went on to say that this was an embellished story, which leads me to believe that he has been pressured into saying stuff like that because, well, it’s clear that Mr. Spielberg doesn’t want the masses finding out his dark, century old secret...that he’s a VAMPIRE!

This is Will LeBlanc signing off for the last time before heading into hiding as the Spielberg clan will surely be hunting me for exposing their dark past.

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