Rumored Tron 3 Details

Nobody really knows right now what to expect from Tron: Legacy at the box office. In production for the past three years, with Disney doing everything that could to get the name out there, it's unknown how mainstream audiences will react to the film (mixed reviews from critics aren't helping either). If the movie is a success, however, the plan has always been to have the story continue, and plans are indeed in the works to have Tron 3 ready.

*Spoiler Warning: Below I have included some details about Tron: Legacy that you may not want to know. This is me giving you a fair warning*

What's Playing has been in contact with folks over at Disney, and have learned a few things about what we can expect from the possible next installment. Off the bat, one thing that they mention is that Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have not yet finished the script, and are, instead, only at the idea stages, with five or six different storylines floating around. The next bit of info will answer questions as to why Yori/Laura (played by Cindy Morgan in the 1982 original film) wasn't included in Tron: Legacy, while both Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) and Tron/Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) are. According to the site, the writers looked at Tron: Legacy as Flynn's story, meaning that there was no room for the Yori/Laura characters and they didn't want to just stick in a random, meaningless cameo. As a result, a few of the multiple storylines mentioned above will have heavier focus on both Alan and Laura. Furthermore, the cameo made by Cillian Murphy at the beginning of the film will likely expand to a much larger role, with both a real-life version of himself and a program version (it would seem the actor is already committed to doing this). There's also talk that Kevin Flynn may not be a part of the next film, with Alan and Laura providing the call back to the original movie.

All of this information is entirely dependent on how the film is received in theaters. If the movie is a success, Kitsis and Horowitz will likely pick up their pens and get straight to work. Otherwise, this may be the last we see of the Tron universe.

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