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Next week, the Ryan Murphy show Glee will devote a 43-minute episode to the musical-comedy The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Though he didn't direct the episode himself (those duties were given to Hairspray director Adam Shankman), Murphy may now be getting an opportunity to direct a full on remake of the cult classic. Deadline reports that the show creator/director is now being pursued by Fox 2000 to direct the project and that he has already met with the studio about it. Murphy is in no way officially attached and it is unknown if he will actually be able to take on the project as he has his commitments to both Glee and a feature adaptation of the play The Normal Heart with Mark Ruffalo.

The only reason that The Rocky Horror Picture Show is in anyway entertaining is because it's so ridiculously terrible. The only reason that audiences still pack midnight shows is to laugh at its awfulness while calling Susan Sarandon a slut and Barry Bostwick an asshole. Any remake of the project would undoubtedly destroy any camp value and personality, making it just another soulless musical. If Murphy has any love or feelings about the original, he will turn this job down.

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