The most common story in a children's animated movie takes a creature unsuited for something and, of course, have him dream of doing exactly that. Think of Remy the cooking rat in Ratatouille, or Po the kung fu panda, or even Babe the talking pig. These kinds of movies are already popular on their own, but what if you merged them with the other giant genre out there, the superhero origin story? Have a creature who dreams of greatness… and then have a crazy scientific accident get him there!

That's exactly the scenario we're being given in this latest trailer for Turbo, which has Ryan Reynolds voicing a garden snail who just wants to be faster. In fact he says out loud "I wish I was faster," which is always the start of some grand adventure in this kind of movie. Once that nitrous oxide somehow gives him super-speed, though, it's a little hard to know exactly the world we're being tossed into. The introduction of the characters suggests something Kung Fu Panda-style, where he's tossed in with a group of elites. But toward the end, when Turbo starts dreaming about racing in the Indianapolis 500 (and Paul Giamatti shoots him down), it seems like we're heading straight into unofficial Cars sequel territory.

You may have recognized a million other voices in there-- Samuel L. Jackson, Maya Rudolph, Richard Jenkins, Ken Jeong, Bill Hader and even Snoop Dogg-- excuse us, Snoop Lion-- are lending their voices to the film. Turbo comes to theaters July 17. Anyone out there without kids to entertain feeling inspired to see it?

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