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Bill Maher isn’t the only Hollywood celebrity who’s fed up with Jesus. Sam Jackson wants to blow him up. If he could handle a plane full of snakes, the son of a god should be no problem. After all, his dad didn’t do much about it we killed him the first time.

Ok, Sam’s not really strapping dynamite to Jesus. He’s just planning a terrorist attack on the guy who played Jesus. HR says Jackson is set to co-star with Jim Caviezel in an espionage thriller called Blown. This could be a great name for a documentary about the passing of California’s Proposition 8, but in this case it’s the name of a movie in which Samuel L. Jackson plays a guy trying to blow up London and Caviezel plays the guy trying to stop him.

Caviezel’s character is an MI5 operative and Jackson is a businessman who engages him in “a high-stakes game of wits and deception”. Christ is it just me, or does this movie sound really kinky? The title’s bad enough, but that description wouldn’t be out of place on a stained VHS copy of Basic Instinct.