So here's a twist. Sam Mendes had seemed officially, totally out of the running to direct the next James Bond movie, committing himself to theater projects like Charlie and the Chocoalte Factory and King Lear. But Skyfall made $1 billion-- yes, $1 billion-- and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson weren't going to take his rejection that easily. Late last month word broke that Mendes was in talks with the producers and Sony to return for Bond 24. Now Mendes himself confirms, a month later, that the talks are still happening-- though honestly, he sounds a little cranky about it.

Talking to Hey U Guys on the red carpet for the premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mendes answered their questions about the negotiations-- before they even had the chance to ask it. After referencing "Bond" the interviewer brings up the "B-word," and Mendes answers the question with what's clearly a rehearsed but intriguing answer. You can watch it below around the 1:25 mark:

Though it might seem crazy for a director to turn down something as massive and amazing as a Bond movie, especially after making such a great one, we see these kinds of negotiations happening in the press all the time. Remember when Robert Downey Jr. was openly hinting that he wouldn't return for Iron Man 4 and then participated in some public hardball negotiations for Avengers 2 before signing on for two more? You'd better believe he got paid more after all that, and you'd better believe Sam Mendes has been getting similarly bigger offers the longer he holds out on Bond 24.

Of course, Mendes is not nearly as crucial to the Bond franchise as Downey Jr. is to the Marvel universe right now, and the Brinks truck that's been backed up to his house isn't nearly as large as the one Downey Jr. has been plundering for years now. But what seemed like a man eager for a "one-and-done" success now seems like a man who understands the power of a huge financial hit, and who wants to make the most of his return to what, inevitably, will be a grueling and lengthy shoot. I loved Skyfall, have been dying to see Mendes return, and think he ought to be paid whatever he wants to get him back in there. Keep negotiating all you want, Sam… just don't make us wait forever for the next film.

Do you want Sam Mendes to direct Bond 24?

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