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Once again, disaster will strike Los Angeles on the big screen and, following the trend of today’s big films, it’ll be happening in 3D. New Line is developing San Andreas: 3D, a film about an earthquake that makes a big mess of the West Coast, starting with the mentioned fault line. Beau Flynn (Journey to the Center of the Earth) is producing.

According to the LA Times, while San Andreas has yet to find a director, the project is being written by Allan Loeb, whose past work doesn’t include disaster movies. He wrote The Dilemma, The Switch, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and 21, among other films.

The Times references the 2009 Roland Emmerich disaster flick 2012 when discussing the plot of San Andreas. Much like John Cusack’s character in 2012, the hero in this new project is “forced to go on the road to reconcile with his children and his estranged wife, who’s moved away and taken up with another man.” According to the LA Times' sources, he'll also be attempting to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco using “some rather, er, unconventional transportation.” Any guesses as to what that means? I’m assuming it’s weirder than driving a limousine through a collapsing neighborhood. A golf cart? A donkey? One of those Segway things that Gob Bluth used to cruise around on?

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