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San Andreas, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, tells of a devastating earthquake that demolishes California and sends shockwaves all over the world. The film is set to bow at the end of May, but Warner Bros. considered delaying the release in light of a real earthquake that hit Nepal. While they ultimately decided to move ahead with the current schedule, the studio is taking some added precautions in light of this sensitive matter.

A spokesperson for Warner and New Line made a statement to Variety, saying,

We will continue to evaluate our worldwide marketing campaign to ensure that we are sensitive to those affected by this tragic event.

Part of this re-evaluation process includes information attached to the film’s promotional campaign on how people can contribute to relief efforts in Nepal. In addition, Warner Bros. has accelerated their PSA campaign, which was already in the works prior to the earthquake and will provide safety and preparation tips for natural disasters. Said information was altered to include more information pegged to Nepal. The posters, however, will remain the same.

It’s now five days after Nepal was hit with the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that killed at least 5,500 people and left thousands homeless. According to the UN, as reported by The BBC, more than eight million people have been affected by the disaster, with approximately 70,000 homes destroyed. Survivors are still being found, including a 5-month-old infant plucked from underneath rubble a few days ago, and a 15-year-old boy who said he survived by drinking the water from wet clothes and eating clarified butter. Many countries are stepping up to provide donations and relief efforts, while Warner Bros. promises to match any donations their employees make.

San Andreas features a supporting cast that includes Paul Giamatti, Alexandra Daddario (True Detective), Colton Haynes (Arrow), Carla Gugino (Night at the Museum) and Ioan Gruffudd (original Fantastic Four). The Rock assumes the role of Ray, a rescue pilot, who, after the massive earthquake, embarks on a dangerous mission across California to rescue his daughter (Daddario). Watch the trailer below.
According to Variety, Universal also is considering making changes to the marketing campaign for one of its films. The earthquake in Nepal caused an avalanche on a mountain that killed 18 people. The studio is preparing to release Everest, telling of a disastrous 1996 Mount Everest expedition and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Robin Wright, Keira Knightley, Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke and Sam Worthington. Universal still plans to release the film on September 18.

Do you think Warner Bros. is making the right choice in changing its promotional campaign, or do you think it's unneccasary?

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