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The “buddy cop” formula went into hibernation a few years back, shelved by Riggs and Murtaugh when the latter actually did get “too old for this shit.” But it’s slowly making a comeback. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum teamed up for the hilarious 21 Jump Street earlier this year, and now Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are strapping on the heat to play crime-fighting partners in the aptly-titled comedy The Heat.

Paul Feig, of Bridesmaids and Freaks and Geeks fame, helms the explosive comedy, which dropped its first trailer online today via Apple. We’ve got it for you right here:

Pairing Bullock and McCarthy as the conventional snob-and-slob duo is slightly predictable, and Bullock does sort of seem like she’s recycling her Miss Congeniality personality, but that doesn’t mean The Heat doesn’t look pretty damn funny. This trailer feels censored, too. The scene where McCarthy’s threatening her fellow police officer about reaching into his pockets for his keys comes across like the sanitized version of what’s probably a filthy monologue. And the best part about McCarthy and Bullock is that they’ve both proven they’ll go the distance if they think they can make something funnier.

The part I’m more interested in is the action. These “buddy” formulas can be elevated with eye-popping action sequences - a good fight, a car chase. There’s one explosion in this trailer, but will Feig unleash some memorable action scenes? I hope so, because that will help elevate The Heat and, maybe, put the “buddy cop” formula right back on track. The movie’s set to open on April 5, 2013.