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We should've guessed this weeks ago, given that All About Steve was scheduled to come out in two weeks but has been given pretty much no promotion. Now Fox has confirmed they don't want to counter-program the romantic-comedy against Watchmen, and they've pushed the Sandra Bullock starrer back to fall.

Variety doesn't really give any reasons for the move, except that the fall typically has fewer romantic comedies. But they were probably spooked by the poor performance of Confessions of a Shopaholic last weekend, which was crushed under the ever-advancing wheels of He's Just Not That Into You. Still, two weeks from now, when Steve was scheduled to come out, He's Just Not That Into You will have been in theaters for a solid month. Don't you think audiences would've been ready for another Bradley Cooper romance by then?

I'm inclined to believe the movie just isn't all that good, and Fox doesn't want to deal with a flop right now, before they get a chance for some hit summer movies to offset the cost. Plus, Bullock has a much more appealing comedy coming out this summer, The Proposal, and if that one's a hit she may become that much more of a box office draw. Either way, it looks like we're stuck with He's Just Not That Into You as the only female-driven option well into March.
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