Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds Collide Again For Most Wanted

Last night Sandra Bullock appeared on the MTV Movie Awards to bask in your pity and in the process jokingly hinted around that she’s done with men by fake kissing Scarlett Johansson. Today she’s right back to lip-locking with dudes though, in fact she’s back with Ryan Reynolds.

THR says Reynolds and Bullock will reunite for another romantic comedy, called Most Wanted. After the success of their last movie together, The Proposal, I guess this was inevitable. The project sounds like a horrible cliché: Ryan Reynolds is an FBI agent who must escort a criminal suspect to court, the suspect is played by Sandra Bullock. On their way to trial they’re ambushed and end up on the run.

The bad news here is that this was a worn out cliché three months ago when Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler did it. Now it’s just ridiculous. Yet The Proposal, produced by the same people) was also based on a pretty played out idea and in spite of that managed to find something marginally worthwhile in following that well-worn path. What does it say about Hollywood when we’re left hoping Most Wanted will just be marginally worthwhile? Probably nothing good.

If we’re lucky this will be more than just a rom-com. It’s being pitched as having a tone similar to that of 1988’s Midnight Run, which would make it more action-comedy than romantic comedy. Does that make Sandra Bullock the new Charles Grodin? He has better hair.