Some of you know I was lucky enough to log face time with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb during San Diego Comic-Con last week. We spoke about a number of different topics, from populating a larger Spider-Man cinematic universe to the possibility of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) suiting up to take down The Sinister Six.

What I didn’t ask him about, however, was robots. Turns out I probably should have, because Sarah Gadon might be playing one in ,Amazing Spider-Man 2.

At least, that’s what Webb suggests in an interview from Comic-Con with ET Canada. The news outlet caught up with Webb on the press line in San Diego and asked about which character the beautiful Canuck Sarah Gadon would be playing in the upcoming sequel. As you might remember, Gadon was a late addition to the Spider-Man sequel, leading to whirlwinds of speculation regarding her character’s mysterious identity. Well, Webb’s answer is only going to add fuel to the fires. "Sarah makes a number of appearances in the film, in a HAL 9000 way," Webb told the outlet.

So she’s playing a cold, clinical computer blessed with artificial intelligence who serves as an angry antagonist? Well, the one thing we might be able to pull from this incredibly vague 2001: A Space Odyssey reference is that Gadon’s character might actually be a villain. If – and this is a big “if” – Webb isn’t practicing in misdirection here.

When Gadon was first added to the cast many believed she was going to replace Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson, who no longer will be part of Amazing Spider-Man 2 now that Sony has revealed they will be making Amazing Spider-Man parts 3 and 4 down the line. Webb is choosing to focus on Peter and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in the first sequel, and will introduce the red-headed love interest in an future installment.

Could Gadon still be playing Mary Jane? I’m willing to bet against it, because I think that we’re going to see Gadon on screen in the upcoming Spidey film, and I do NOT believe that Watson will be a factor in this sequel. I think that Webb has a grand plan, and Watson is not a part of it this early. Period.

Does that mean Gadon could be playing Felicia Hardy, aka The Black Cat? That part was rumored to go to Felicity Jones, but then she started talking about a relationship that she was going to have with “the Goblin,”, so it’s possible we’re all just being played like musical instruments in a spectacular case of misdirection.

We shall see. The Spidey team had to talk at Comic-Con. And what they said has been analyzed and over-analyzed. We’ll know more when the movie finally comes out on May 2, 2014 … when Gadon plays a killer robot. Or not.

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