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It’s the time of year when some of last year’s holiday favorites are headed into homes. Recently, Walt Disney Home Entertainment announced that its emotional winter movie, Saving Mr. Banks, which follows the relationship of Walt Disney and P.L. Travers and the making of Mary Poppins is headed onto Blu-ray, DVD, On-Demand and Digital very soon. The flick will hit all formats beginning on March 18.

saving mr banks box

The mostly true-to-life narrative follows Travers in the year 1961, when Walt Disney himself is courting the author in order to make her famous books a theatrical reality. Travers is notably highstrung and against a theatrical production, but Banks and his team are determined to show her the magic that Disney can offer. We know by now that Mary Poppins eventually made its way onto the big screen, but the two larger-than-life characters, played by Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks, still make the story a tale worth pursuing.

The comedy-drama offers the best of both worlds, telling a story that might in some moments make viewers cry, but in other moments may keep viewers in stitches or at least encourage a hearty chuckle or two, as evidenced by the film clip, below, or even the trailer for the flick.

Saving Mr. Banks will come in a Blu-ray combo pack with a Digital copy, as well as a slew of different formats. Blu-ray, DVD and Digital copies will all come with different bonus features, with Walt Disney Home Entertainment noting that various Digital retailers might offer different bonus features. With that in mind, Blu-ray copies are certain to come with all the extras, while DVD copies don’t come with much.

Saving Mr. Banks is certainly not the type of movie to encourage fandom and, in extension, a ton of behind-the-scenes extras. However, Disney does like to put together a nice set, and the bonus features that are going to be offered should be worth a perusal. You can pre-order Saving Mr. Banks over at Amazon, or you can check out the complete list of bonus features, below.

Saving Mr. Banks Bonus Features
  • "The Walt Disney Studios: From Poppins to Present" (Blu-ray & Digital HD) - Join Director John Lee Hancock on a tour of the Disney Studios lot, reflect on studio life during the making of Mary Poppins, and discover how Walt’s creative spirit still flourishes today.
  • Let’s Go Fly a Kite (Blu-ray & Digital HD) - Cast and crew sing break out in a rousing, heartfelt tribute to Composer Richard Sherman on the last day of filming.
  • "Stargaze" Deleted Scene (Blu-ray & Digital HD) – A picture on Walt’s desk leads to a flashback of Pamela’s childhood.
  • "Nanny Song" Deleted Scene (Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD) – The Sherman Brothers perform a song for Pamela that she is less than thrilled with.
  • "Pam Leaves" Deleted Scene (Blu-ray & Digital HD) – After yet another disagreement with Walt, Pamela leaves his office and heads for the airport.

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