Sean Penn Goes Goth And Seeks Vengeance In New This Must Be The Place Trailer

What do you get when you mix Iggy Pop's "The Passenger," Sean Penn dressed like Robert Smith of The Cure, and a title taken from a song by The Talking Heads? The awesome first trailer for This Must Be The Place, the new film from director Paolo Sorrentino about a former rock star who seeks vengeance for his dead father. Check it out below

(The trailer comes via Apple and you can watch it in HD over there)

The the movie Penn plays Cheyenne, a 50 year old rock star living in Dublin, Ireland when he gets word that his father has died. Though they weren't on speaking terms at the time of his death, Cheyenne takes it upon himself to complete his dad's life long mission: to kill the Nazi that humiliated him during World War II.

I must say this trailer has me completely sold on this movie. Penn typically takes himself far too seriously in his acting pursuits, but with this one it seems like he is just letting himself have some fun playing an odd-ball character. Everything from the hair to the make-up to the utterly bizarre voice - I love the lack of authority when he says "Actually, Mick Jagger sang with me" - looks both captivating and funny. Consider my ticket purchased.

And the best news of all? Now we know when we might actually see the movie. The Weinstein Company picked up the movie for distribution all the way back in September of last year and now it's finally getting ready to arrive in theaters. Look for This Must Be The Place in theaters on November 2nd.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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