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Though the upcoming Mirror Mirror does seem to have its own goofy appeal, it's clear now that the Snow White re-imagining to beat this year is Snow White and the Huntsman, featuring Charlize Theron as the evil queen, Kristen Stewart as the battle-ready Snow White, and Chris Hemsworth as the axe-wielding huntsman who teaches her to fight. Most everything we've seen from the movie looks elegant and mysterious and and perfectly executed, and that includes the brand-new trailer, which premiered today at Xfinity TV. It starts the same as the previous trailers and TV spots, but stick around, there's a lot of new stuff in there.

Theron continues to dominate the show as the wicked queen, doing with frozen gazes and a flawless beauty what most actresses probably wouldn't even be capable of. But we're also seeing more of Hemsworth here than ever before, and though we probably ought to be familiar with his scene-stealing abilities thanks to his opener in Star Trek, it's still impressive how much of a presence he has even in this short trailer. And not to give short shrift to Kristen Stewart either-- I'm still unconvinced about her acting abilities, but we see her get into more action here, and she does seem to have the makings of a compelling heroine.

Over at Xfinity you can also see an extended five-minute preview of the film, containing a lot more scenes-- including more of the seven dwarves played by the likes of Toby Jones, Nick Frost and Ian McShane-- but spoiler hounds may want to be careful, since the entire plot is laid out there. There are also shorter featurettes in which the actors talk about their experience on the set and give a little more detail on the characters-- more standard behind-the-scenes stuff, but interesting given the subject matter. Snow White and the Huntsman does seem to have plenty more surprises to offer, and though it's not the usual mold of summer blockbuster, it's quickly shaping up to be a worthy one once it opens June 1.

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