See Johnny Depp's Flashy New Mad Hatter Look In First Alice 2 Pic

The last time that Johnny Depp donned the head wear of Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter he made Disney $1 billion. Now the first official still images have been released and now we have a good idea of how the look of the Hatter will evolve for the new film Alice Through the Looking Glass. Check the first picture below.

image description

Overall, the Hatter look is very similar to what we saw the last time around. This looks to be a formal occasion, however, so both the Hatter and Alice are a bit more dressed up than usual. The Hatter’s hat band is a bright pink and his coat is green rather than brown, not to mention in much better shape. He still has his flashy bowtie and his bandoleer of spools of thread, so he’s still the same guy. While we don’t really know what’s going on in this image, we can surmise that the two are attending some sort of formal event. Is that the reason for the nicer clothes? Or is this a younger version of the Mad Hatter before he became the man we know? The new film includes time travel, so it’s difficult to know for sure.

While the Disney films are based on the original works by author Lewis Carroll, and have even borrowed his book titles for their own, the movies are designed as sequels to the novels rather than adaptations. This allows them to make some pretty major changes to the world, the characters, and the story. One of the major changes to the formula is that Alice, while still technically the film’s main character, shares a great deal of her screen time with Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. That was the case in the first film and it will be again this time around. In fact, the plot of this movie deals with Alice going on a rescue mission to save the Hatter. Check out the trailer below.

Johnny Depp had the dubious honor of being the most overpaid actor in Hollywood according to Forbes magazine. While he’s been the star of some the biggest movies in history, the first Alice among them, his last few films have not seen that level of success. In an apparent response, he’s going back to the well. Following Through the Looking Glass he’ll also be returning to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow for another Pirates of the Caribbean film. Johnny Depp, Disney, and funny hats: box office gold.

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