See Star Wars 7's Broken-Down Millennium Falcon In Glorious Official Footage

This is getting out of hand. In response to Zack Snyder’s recent gag post about Stormtroopers stealing the Batmobile, J.J. Abrams has responded with an official Star Wars: Episode VII video that gives us a tremendous look at the reconstructed Millennium Falcon… with a surprise cameo built in to the final shot:

Bad Robot Productions put this on YouTube, luring Star Wars fans into the warm nostalgia with John Williams’ signature horns. Halfway through the clip, though, the score shifts to the driving, pulse-pounding beats of Hans Zimmer’s Batman score, and we zoom in on an addition to Han Solo’s trademark ride. The Batmobile – or a miniaturized version of the Dark Knight’s tumbler – has been attached to the underside of the ship. The bridge between Gotham and that galaxy far, far away continues to be established.


The clip serves so many purposes. We have been studying leaked imagery of a half-constructed Millennium Falcon online. This video takes us front and center for the best look of the Falcon that we have seen. It cements the fact that J.J. Abrams is going above and beyond to build actual ships and use practical sets and effects for Star Wars: Episode VII. This clip, by itself, delivers on so many of the promises that Abrams has been making to fans about how this should be a return to the trilogy we all loved as kids… and can’t wait to see extended on screen.

It also extends a pretty funny back-and-forth between blockbuster directors who understand that they are playing in legendary sandboxes, but aren’t taking themselves too seriously too the point of pretension. It has to be nearly impossible to work on these movies without second-guessing every decision or wondering what the rabid fan base thinks of your final output. J.J. Abrams, in particular, faces a daunting task of bringing a dormant franchise back from the dead… and restoring faith in a series that was damaged by the original creator. I don’t envy that role.

But so far, Abrams has shared a decent amount with fans, from set videos to clever Tweets that are taking us behind the ropes. This has been a fun production to track, and we have far more faith in Star Wars: Episode VII based on what we have been shown (quietly) versus if J.J. adhered to his frustrating Mystery Box techniques. For now, what do you think about seeing the Millennium Falcon, back in action and ready for its close up?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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