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New on-set photos from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice have revealed that the world isn’t at all happy with Superman at the start of the Man Of Steel sequel. In fact, Metropolis’s citizens are so mad with Krypton’s most famous son that they’re protesting his mere presence on Earth. You can check out the on-set photos that prove this below:

Poor Kal-El. Surely he doesn’t deserve this grief after all of the good work that he did saving the planet from Michael Shannon’s devilish General Zod in Man Of Steel. Oh, actually, when you think about it, he did cause an obscene amount of damage to both Smallville and Metropolis as he fought off the villain, and Zod was only in our part of the galaxy in the first place because Superman now called Earth his home following the destruction of Krypton. The images of the protest come courtesy of Tim Reinman, and even though it’s hard to really see what’s written on the banners that the masses are holding, it appears as though the term "Super Death" and numerous swastikas and crude drawings of aliens have been emblazoned on various posters to protest him. Harsh.

If Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice does decide to go down this "anti-Superman" route (as has been reported), then it will be interesting to see which direction director Zack Snyder and the film’s writers, Chris Terrio and David S Goyer, take the character of Clark Kent. Will viewers feel sorry for Superman? Will we relate to the vitriolic reaction that is coming his way from scared citizens of Earth? As Batman and Superman are set to be on completely opposite sides and are even expected to frequently tussle in the superhero hybrid, who are we expected to relate to out of the two?

Both superheroes are so immensely popular it’s going to be hard to pick out a favorite, but as it’s a sequel to Man Of Steel I expect we’ll see more of Superman’s conflicted journey than Bruce Wayne’s. Of course, at this point, it’s all still guesswork, but I’ll admit that I’m very impressed with the early rumors regarding how complex and morally ambiguous the titular characters in Batman V Superman are set to be.

It has long been rumored that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will actually be very "anti-Superman." This is despite the fact that a few months ago, filming saw a Superman Statue erected that led many fans to believe that the public had embraced Clark Kent thanks to his heroic actions in Man Of Steel. But then, back in August, it was reported that Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne, is forced to save people from a catastrophic disaster after Superman either can’t or won’t intervene. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be released on March 25, 2016, and pretty much the entire world is perpetually excited about it.

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