Watch The Batmobile From Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice In Action

The tease has been on for quite some time with Zack Snyder's next potential superhero opus, the world changing Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. For the past couple of months, the production has been drip feeding images, both through official and more fan based channels, slowly wheting the appetite of DC Comics fans ready to see their home team take it to the streets against Marvel's Cinematic Universe. And that's just what the Batmobile is doing in two new videos that a lucky fan was nice enough to share!

Thanks to Jessica Brasher's Instagram, we can see the Batmobile -- which was recently revealed to us in full -- hauling ass on the streets of Detroit. Ok, so it's more of a wide shot from a distance, but it's still pretty awesome to see Batman's ride in action after a little over two years of radio silence. Here's another video, zoomed closer for effect.

Just listen to that beautiful engine! The Batmobile sounds like it's either revving up for a takedown, or in serious need of a tune up. Either way, it's interesting to note that this Batmobile looks built more for durability than speed. At least, the impression this video gives, as it doesn't look to be driving all that fast for what we're used to seeing a Batmobile do. While this video is from a distance, and we're not exactly at the vantage point of the camera, this looks like a slower moment of pursuit. Perhaps there's something we're not seeing around the bend... or on another set, where another part of this sequence is being filmed.

If we're getting this close of a look at Batman v. .Superman: Dawn Of Justice's Batmobile this early, one could only imagine what this means for future reveals down the road. What clue will be dropped next in order to generate enough hype to maybe/possibly bring this film onto somewhat equal footing with the already heavily anticipated Captain America 3: The Cap v. Eric Shinseki? Will Zack Snyder call into another local radio station to tell us how powerful the not yet confirmed Aquaman really is, and that we should really stop laughing at his inclusion? These answers and more will be revealed in an eventual manner, and you can bet Cinema Blend is on the case to find the very answers you crave, with only half the calories.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice parks it into a theater near you on March 25th 2016.

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