Horror director James Wan is in the process of putting together his next supernatural project, once known as The Conjuring and now working under the handle The Untitled Warren Files Project, which will reunite him with leading man Patrick Wilson. However, right in the middle of working on this new 'based on true events' scary movie - which recently added Wilson and Vera Farmiga to the cast as well as Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor - news has surfaced about another reunion for Wan and Wilson, this time for the inevitable Insidious sequel.

A sequel was bound to happen because, as THR notes, it was one of the most successful films of last year. On top of the bags of money that the flick brought in, it was also a pretty solid film with some genuine scares. It helps when the cast has talented players like Wilson and Rose Byrne, who at the moment have not announced their return. I would imagine, since Wilson was willing to sign up for The Conjuring - or whatever they end up calling it - that he's likely, if needed, to be on board for the James Wan-directed sequel.

The trade also reports that the studio is first trying to ensure that Wan, as well as writer Leigh Whannell, come back to the series, possibly because their involvement will facilitate the return of the (some of) the cast. It's reassuring that the studio has intentions of hiring the same writer and director because that way the sequel sounds less like a cash grab. Hopefully with the creative team as well as producer Jason Blum (Oren Peli, Steven Schneider and Brian Kavanaugh Jones will exec produce) back on board it will be an another installment made with the same care that made Insidious a successful and well-received film.

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