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There are famous Oscar hosts who have returned to the ceremony year after year, from Bob Hope and Johnny Carson in days gone by to Billy Crystal just last year. But more often than not in the last decade, hosts have stepped up to the mic just once-- and that seems to be the case for this year's host as well.

Responding to fans on Twitter, Seth MacFarlane revealed that this year's Oscar hosting gig would likely be his last:

If you're following MacFarlane's busy career, this probably won't come as much of a surprise. After the smash success of last summer's Ted MacFarlane is suddenly a huge name in movies, and with Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad all still on the air, he's got a lot of juggling to do while embarking on his next movie. Last we heard he was working to bring in Charlize Theron-- who also had a plum role in his Oscar hosting duties-- into A Million Ways To Die In the West, a comedy in the vein of Blazing Saddles. With so much going on, who could have the time for as stressful a job as hosting the Oscars again?

As you might have noticed we're a little split on MacFarlane's hosting performance, with Sean listing him among the worst moments and Katey and Kristy calling out his sexism, while Mack praised him. You can jump in on any of those comment threads to keep the conversation going-- or let us know in the comments who you'd like to see hosting next year now that MacFarlane has taken himself out of the running.

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