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The idea for a sequel for the 2008 comedy Pineapple Express has been floating around for quite a while. In fact, nearly a year ago, we spoke writer Evan Goldberg about the potential project and at the time, he sounded hesitant at best about the idea of a second installment to the comedy. However, Seth Rogen spoke about the possible sequel more recently and from the sound of it, he’s into the idea of doing one.

When Eric spoke with writer Evan Goldberg last January, the topic of a Pineapple Express sequel came up, to which Goldberg expressed hesitation about whether the film needed a sequel, bringing up some other successful films that never saw second installments. “I’ve been the one stopping it,” he told us. “Because I was just like, not to say we’re the greatest filmmakers on Earth – as the Coen brothers kind of are – but they didn’t make Blood Simple 2. They didn’t make The Big Lebowski 2.” He follows this by bringing up the Lethal Weapon movies to counter his own argument.

From what Rogen told E! Online much more recently, it seems that at the very least, he doesn’t think a Pineapple Express sequel could hurt. “I don't think it's so precious that I wouldn't want to ruin it with a sequel,” Rogen told E! this week while promoting the Alzheimer Association’s Hilarity for Charity cause. “So yeah, I would be [into it]. We talk about it. We joke around about it."

That’s not exactly a commitment to the project by any stretch, but it is a vague update on the subject of his interest. As Goldberg pointed out earlier this year, “Now everyone’s super famous so now we have to work on all of these deals. We probably won’t have time for like two years.”

Finding a way to fit the project into Franco and Rogen’s busy schedules would probably be a challenge and one that, as Goldberg says, could take years. In the meantime, at the very least, it sounds like Rogen would consider it. So, for those of you hoping Dale, Saul and Red’s stories may continue on the big screen, it could be in the cards at some point down the line but for right now, it doesn’t sound like there are any set plans to make a sequel anytime in the near future. In the meantime, Goldberg and Rogen recently teamed up to write the screenplay for the upcoming Akiva Schaffer directed comedy Neighborhood Watch, so there’s that to look forward to.