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The Fantastic Voyage, the remake of the 60s sci-fi film that's been through about three different directors in its long development process at Fox, may be on the verge of losing another another. According THR Shawn Levy, who signed on to direct back in February, is getting anxious with the film's slow movement, and is considering moving on-- that is, unless the studio will go with his attempt to cast Will Smith in the lead role.

Really, the power is more in Smith's hands-- the studio would be nuts not to greenlight the project with one of the biggest movie stars on earth attached, though then again, after the sudden death of Johnny Depp's Lone Ranger project, I suppose anything is possible. Levy plans to meet with Smith in the next few weeks, and Smith-- he of the giant trailer and personal script writers-- is holding all the cards. I of course can't possibly predict what Smith wants to do, but with Men in Black III on the horizon as a sci-fi tinged family project, would Smith really want to jump into another one before seeing how that one does? Can't he continue making money off his kids and just stay home?

Levy is the third director to be attached to Fantastic Voyage, after James Cameron (who stuck around as a producer) and Paul Greengrass. If Levy bails the studio says they'll go ahead with it, though given how long they've been trying to get Fantastic Voyage going, I wonder if they wouldn't just cut their losses and put their focus elsewhere. Would any of you guys out there actually be sorry to see this remake idea just fizzle out?