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Everyone involved in the upcoming sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows played coy for a long time about whether Rachel McAdams would return as Holmes's love interest Irene Adler. After all, it seemed like Holmes and Watson had plenty else to deal with, given the arrival of their arch-nemesis Moriarty (Jared Harris) and a mystery new gypsy woman (Noomi Rapace) in addition to their usual shenanigans. But Guy Ritchie promised a few months ago that Adler would indeed be returning, and now in the new trailer that debuted today at Apple, we've finally got a look at her return. You can watch the trailer in high-res over there or embedded below.

Sure, we don't see much of her, just briefly at the beginning and the end of the trailer, and I'm not sure anyone is as excited about McAdams coming back as I am (don't underestimate Regina George, y'all). But McAdams is also a highlight in what strikes me as a busy, slightly frantic and not too exciting trailer, one that definitely doesn't add anything new to what we saw in the first trailer back in July. We all know that Sherlock Holmes movies, as envisioned by Guy Ritchie, will contain insane action and occasional use of slo-mo and a lot of Victorian settings blown to smithereens. But why lean so heavily on that and leave out most of the humor? It's the repartee between Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, not the glitzy modern action, that makes these movies worthwhile, but this trailer makes the sequel seem even more over-the-top than the original, which I really didn't think was possible.

I'm still holding out hope, because if nothing else, seeing Law and Downey Jr. bicker with each other should be worth the price of admission all over again. But what about you guys-- did this trailer make you more or less excited for the movie itself?

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