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Shockwave And His Snake Buddies Featured In New Transformers Image

I have good news for all those that still have faith in Michael Bay to make a quality Transformers movie: Dark of the Moon is almost here. Earlier today we posted a new TV spot from the movie that (unfortunately) featured the leg-humping robot from Revenge of the Fallen, but now we have a new still that's considerably more badass.

Paramount has sent over a new image from the film featuring the new baddie Shockwave. Now, you might say that this is quite similar to a previously released image, what with the same angle and all, but there is a key difference here: this one includes a couple of those cool-looking snake robots that cut down the skyscraper in the trailer (which is a pretty damn awesome moment). We haven't seen too much of Shockwave in action just yet, but you can be certain that come June 29 he will probably be moving quite a bit.

Check out the image below or click on it to see it full size.

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Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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