The first trailer for Shorts, the next movie from Robert Rodriguez has arrived. That may seem like good news, except it’s another one of his children’s movies in the mold of Spy Kids or Shark Boy and Lava Girl. I know Robert thinks his kids movies are some sort of cinematic landmark but for anyone over the age of twelve who’s had to sit through one of them, mostly they suck. Shorts looks like more of the same. He’s not making Pixar movies folks. They take some kids, stick them in front of his camera, and then slap down a bunch of CGI everywhere. In this case his excuse for wacky CGI creations is a magic wishing rock.

So watch the first trailer for Shorts below (or in high-res over at Yahoo), or do what I’m doing and wait for him to make another movie for grown-ups before you pay any further attention to what he’s doing.

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