Skyfall's Bond Girls Naomie Harris And Berenice Marlohe Get Personal About Daniel Craig

What does it mean to be a Bond Girl these days, when 007's no-nonsense boss M is played by a woman, and when feminism has finally caught up to the franchise and done away with names like Octopussy and Pussy Galore (wonderful as they were back in the 60s and 80s). So when Bond is among equals when working with or bedding a woman, what kind of Bond girl can there even be?

As it turns out, Skyfall gets around that question by bringing us two very, very different Bond girls, each with their own set of skills and appeal to the man with the martini. Naomie Harris's Eve is an MI6 field agent, working right alongside Bond in Istanbul, and even putting his life in her hands. On the other hand there's Severine, a mysterious woman Bond meets as a casino in Macau, who winds up leading him directly to the film's villain Silva (Javier Bardem)-- with a lot of flirting thrown in first, of course.

I spoke to Harris and Marlohe together at the Skyfall press day a few weeks back, and asked them if they ever envied each others' roles, what they learned about Bond and Daniel Craig by working so closely with him, and of course, what the term "Bond Girl" really means. Take a look at the conversation below, and see both of these women in action in Skyfall, coming to U.S. theaters this Friday.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend