The online marketing team behind the upcoming James Bond adventure Skyfall has been really excellent so far, using a frequently updated Twitter feed to post teases and hints about what's to come in the movie-- all while plot details on the new film are basically nonexistent. Their latest exciting tweet came this morning, promising a video blog from Skyfall director Sam Mendes, scheduled to hit at 12 pm EST tomorrow. But while we wait, they also offered a behind-the-scenes look at the film, and the first shot of Judi Dench back in character as M. Check out that photo below.

That's Mendes hovering over her shoulder with the coffee cup, as you might guess, and cinematographer Roger Deakins with the shock of white hair looking into the camera lens. Bonus points to anyone who can identify the third guy in the black sweater, but even without him, that's a lot of powerhouse talent in a single room. As M Dench doesn't look all that different, and none of the technology sitting in front of her seems to be all that high-tech, so we have to safely assume M will eventually be working with technology more impressive than a Sony VAIO (hello, parent company of Skyfall distributor Columbia Pictures!) But it's just good to see her back in action again, and it makes me antsy for when we finally get to see some clips of her smack talking Daniel Craig as Bond, or whatever else Mendes will have her up to this year.

We'll have that new video blog for you as soon as it posts tomorrow, as we continue counting down until the November 9 release of Skyfall. Sure, we've got a summer of movies to get through first, but that date still can't come fast enough.

UPDATE: The Skyfall video blog arrived earlier than expected! Check it out HERE.

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