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One disappointing trend in superhero movies is that a lot of them recently have made the hero so powerful that he couldn’t even be bothered with the lame supervillains he faces. Some of these guys don’t break a sweat, as cinematic bad guys are given weaknesses, petty biases and an overall low level of competence that keep our heroes from working too hard. But in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it looks like Spidey’s definitely going to be tasked with a heavy duty assignment. Not only does he have to cope with the Osborns and (four minutes of) the Rhino, but as the above clip shows, he’s got to cope with the not-very-stable Electro, played by Jamie Foxx.

The above action sequence (shared via Sony's UK YouTube site) seems to be derived from the film’s centerpiece sequence shown in ads and on posters, where Spidey battles Electro while the battle wages on the big screens for everyone to see. That’s a pretty inspired pop-art idea, miles away from the cynicism usually associated with this reboot. And of course we have a dramatically-reimagined Electro, more volatile and dangerous than in the comics. Foxx looks to be pushing his uncontrollability and paranoia to the limit here.

It’s unclear how much control Foxx’s Max Dillon has over the Electro alter ego as of now. Is he a schizophrenic, or merely pretending to be friendly? The Electro in this clip appears to not want to do harm, though that may be a ruse, or this may be very early in Electro’s evolution. All signs point to Electro later joining The Sinister Six, so there’s room for embellishment in this film. Electro’s always been a bit of a nut (though we’re guessing his fluid sexuality from the comics won’t come into play here) and it will be interesting to see the series play with an actor like Jamie Foxx.

But what’s going on with the police work here, guys? Electro was just being electric-y, and you had to fire on an unarmed man in the middle of Times Square! Do you know what that’s gonna do to your rep? Not the best look. These superheroes usually have a colorful relationship with government types, but when are they gonna feature competent, or at least semi-competent cop buddies?

Anyway, for comparison’s sake, watch Electro take over Times Square in this clip from the Ultimate Spider-Man television show. And look out for that BATROC cameo! Batroc!

There's also a bonus The Amazing Spider-Man 2 clip below, because Sony is determined to show us the entire film before it comes out. Enjoy.

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