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Of the new robots being added in for Transformers 2, the one that’s most beloved is almost certainly Soundwave. He’s one of the higher-up Decepticon baddies and his trademark in the cartoons was always his somewhat bizarre, over-synthesized voice. Now that Soundwave is in the sequel, UGO confirms that Michael Bay has gone out and gotten the original voice of Soundwave, Frank Welker, to reprise his role in the feature film.

While we’re talking robot voices, any interest in Leonard Nimoy as a transformers? Apparently classic Spock expressed interest in doing a voice in the Revenge of the Fallen to LR. Or maybe he was just kidding around. You never can tell with junket quotes. What’s in it for Leonard to play a robot? He’s got his hands full keeping Zachary Quinto logical.

Lastly, while you’re unlikely to hear Leonard Nimoy’s voice in Transformers 2, it seems you will hear Linkin Park. MikeShinoda.com reports they’re hard at work on the score for Revenge of the Fallen.