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The Spider-Man musical, titled Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, is still coming to Broadway, despite a recent delays mandated by the Department of Labor after several stunts couldn't be deemed safe. The show is set to start previews on November 28, finally giving us a chance to see exactly what Julie Taymor's vision of the famous webslinger will look like-- or rather, just how insane it will be.

Lucky for us, Vogue has a preview of some of the costumes and puppetry that will be used to embody Spidey, Mary Jane, the Green Goblin, Swiss Miss and more characters, and… yikes. It's all very theatrical, of course, not just because it's a Broadway show but because it's Julie Taymor, known for her work with puppets on The Lion King and wild imagery in movies like Across the Universe and a general lack of restraint.

Do any of these characters look like the comic book versions we know and love? God, no. But I'm not willing to write it off just yet. The absolute last thing we need is a straightforward adaptation of a Spider-Man story on the stage, just as Sony's reboot of the franchise gets started and memories of the Sam Raimi series remaining fresh in our minds. Taymor's vision may be out there and a little bit ludicrous, but it's at least something different. Of course, I said that about her version of Shakespeare's The Tempest too, and that didn't turn out so well. With the Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark previews starting in just a few weeks, though, we won't have to wait much longer to find out which it will be.

Check out four of the images below and click on them to go to Vogue's full gallery.

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